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StudentLingo Video Workshop Action Plans

StudentLingo Video Workshop Action Plans

Click a workshop title to download the action plan.

The action plans are interactive PDFs. That means you can do part of the action plan, save it, and complete it later. You can also edit your responses.

Use Adobe Reader or Mac Preview to open the action plan. Click inside a text box and start typing. Click the radio buttons or checkboxes next to your selections. Save the action plan.

If you did not complete the action plan or would like to change any responses or selections, open it with the same application (Adobe Reader or Mac Preview) and finish or edit it.

If the action plan opens in a new browser window or tab, it's best to save it to your computer before filling it out. If you use the browser window, fill it out completely. You will not be able to edit the PDF with Adobe Reader or Mac Preview.

Use the Print feature and select the option to save it as a PDF. If you use the Save feature, you may lose all your responses.

10 Habits Of Mind For College Success Action Plan (PDF)

10 Tips For Success In Your Online Course Action Plan (PDF)

Academic Integrity: The Do's and Don'ts Action Plan (PDF)

Creating Your College Bucket List: Explore, Experience, Succeed Action Plan (PDF)

Developing A Strong Thesis Statement Action Plan (PDF)

Discover Your Learning Style Action Plan (PDF)

Drafting Introductions, Body Paragraphs & Conclusions Action Plan (PDF)

Effectively Communicating Online Action Plan (PDF)

Emotional Intelligence: The Other Key To Academic Success Action Plan (PDF)

Exam Preparation Tips & Test-Taking Strategies Action Plan (PDF)

Exploring Careers & Choosing A Major Action Plan (PDF)

Financial Literacy: Smart Money Skills For College & Beyond Action Plan (PDF)

How To Achieve Well-Being, Balance & Success Action Plan (PDF)

How To Develop Your Cross-Cultural Skills Action Plan (PDF)

How To Overcome Math Anxiety Action Plan (PDF)

How To Reduce Test Anxiety Action Plan (PDF)

How To Succeed In Math Action Plan (PDF)

Improving Student-Faculty Relationships Action Plan (PDF)

Information Literacy: How To Master College Research Action Plan (PDF)

Leading As A Student-Athlete In & Out Of The Classroom Action Plan (PDF)

Learning Strategies Every Student Should Know Action Plan (PDF)

Mastering The Job Interview Action Plan (PDF)

Maximizing Your College Experience Action Plan (PDF)

Mental Health & Suicide: Helping Yourself & Others Action Plan (PDF)

Navigating The Financial Aid Process Action Plan (PDF)

Online Courses: Staying Motivated & Disciplined Action Plan (PDF)

Overcoming Procrastination: Causes & Cures Action Plan (PDF)

Pre-Writing Techniques: Planning & Idea Development Action Plan (PDF)

Reading Comprehension Strategies Action Plan (PDF)

Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention: A Training For Students Action Plan (PDF)

Setting & Accomplishing Realistic Goals Action Plan (PDF)

Stress Management Techniques Action Plan (PDF)

Student Veterans: How To Succeed In College Action Plan (PDF)

Study Tips & Note-Taking Strategies Action Plan (PDF)

Success Strategies For First Generation Students Action Plan (PDF)

Taking Tests Online: Strategies For Success Action Plan (PDF)

The Difference Between High School & College Action Plan (PDF)

Revision Process: How To Proofread & Edit Your Writing Action Plan (PDF)

Time Management: Strategies For Success Action Plan (PDF)

Understanding & Avoiding Plagiarism Action Plan (PDF)

What It Takes To Be A Successful Student Action Plan (PDF)

Writing Effective Resumes & Cover Letters Action Plan (PDF)

Lo Que Se Necesita Para Tener Exito En La Universidad Action Plan (PDF) (What It Takes To Be A Successful Student)

Cómo Explorar Carreras Y Escoger Una Especialización Académica Action Plan (PDF) (Exploring Careers & Choosing A Major)

Cómo Superar La Entrevista De Trabajo Action Plan (PDF) (Mastering The Job Interview)

Pasos Para El Proceso De Ayuda Financiera Action Plan (PDF) (Navigating The Financial Aid Process)

Descubre Tu Estilo De Aprendizaje Action Plan (PDF) (Discover Your Learning Style)

La Ansiedad Ante Los Exámenes: Estrategias Para Tener Exito Action Plan (PDF) (Test Anxiety: Strategies To Help You Succeed)

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